How to treat arthrosis with folk remedies at home

damage to the knee joint with arthrosis

Joint arthrosis is characterized by degenerative-dystrophic changes in cartilage tissue, as a result of which it becomes thinner and can disappear completely from the articular surface. With such a disease, it is important to start treatment on time so that the disease does not progress to the last stage, when only surgical treatment is needed. It is possible to overcome arthrosis not only with synthetic drugs, but with the help of traditional medicine. Treatment of arthrosis with folk remedies can be done at home.

How to properly arrange treatment at home

When treating arthrosis with folk methods at home, you need to follow a few simple rules - then the therapy will achieve its goal and the arthrosis can be stopped. Here are some suggestions from populists:

  • when treating arthrosis with folk remedies, use only proven folk methods, do not trust recipes from foreigners who do not specialize in alternative medicine;
  • retrieving information from websites devoted to alternative treatments;
  • do not change the part of the funds that make up the recipe, if there is an ingredient that is not there, you can not replace it - it is better to find another remedy;
  • exactly according to the sequence and technology of preparation of medicinal products;
  • scrutinize the composition carefully - there is a possibility of allergic reactions to some drugs;
  • buy folk remedies for arthrosis at the pharmacy or herbalist, you can’t buy herbs at the spontaneous market or harvest yourself if you don’t know much about this;
  • don’t buy ready -made mixes from your hands - no one is responsible for their composition;
  • if necessary, consult a doctor if there are chronic diseases, cardiovascular pathology, diseases of the digestive system.

If you follow all the recommendations, then the treatment will give the first results soon. If there are no positive dynamics, it is a good idea to change the product - it may not be suitable and you have to choose an analog.

External medicine

The use of external agents is very important in the treatment of arthrosis. It is very important to carry out all procedures correctly and accurately, because the medicinal substance should be absorbed by the skin to the maximum and delivered to the joints damaged by the disease. If a negative skin reaction appears, external treatment with these drugs should be stopped - this means an allergic reaction has begun.


Cold treatment is used as one of the methods of physiotherapy in medical institutions. Even so, the Narodics managed to adapt it to domestic conditions and have been using it for many years. Cryotherapy can be used even if the disease is getting worse and the patient is tormented by pain at arthrosis. While using the application with the flu, it is possible to slow down metabolic processes, relieve swelling and reduce the pain threshold.

References!Since the application with the cure of colds is short -lived, the effect of pulse therapy is achieved - the metabolic process slows down only for a short time, after which it is reactivated.

It is very easy to use cold treatment at home - in the refrigerator or freezer need to cool a plastic plastic bottle 0. 5 liters and apply it with a soft cloth on the affected joints for 10-15 minutes. After application, rest was given for about an hour and cryotherapy was repeated again. Do not use cold without wrapping - such pressure on the joints is contraindicated in arthrosis. After application, you can do a light massage.

Cryotherapy is prohibited for people with allergic reactions to the flu, arthritis, coronary heart disease, stroke and hypertension. It is forbidden to perform cryotherapy for pregnant women.


Clay healing also helps in the treatment of joint arthrosis. Has long been used in the therapy of pathology of the musculoskeletal system and the population has collected more than a dozen recipes with clay. Clay is characterized by unique regeneration properties - it helps relieve inflammatory processes and promotes recovery of the body. If you make a compress based on clay, you can quickly get rid of joint pain, which hurts patients suffering from arthrosis.

Thanks to the clay, the skin is very nourished and moisturized - all this quickly affects the condition of the articular joints. The effect mainly affects the joints located close to the surface of the skin. Application will be effective in the area of arthrosis of the shoulder and cervix, as well as arthrosis of the knee joints and hands, fingers.

Clay treatment has no side effects, however, doctors do not recommend using it for pregnant women and patients suffering from pathology of the heart and blood vessels. Also, clay is not used for tubercular wounds on the musculoskeletal system.


Burdock leaves are an excellent remedy for arthrosis of the ankles and knees. To use burdock, it must be collected in an ecologically clean area, rinse its own leaves and knead with a roller.

burdock compress for the treatment of arthrosis

They will become less elastic and may even show juices. In this form, the sheet is attached to the affected knee or ankle and kept for several hours in the form of an application. This tool will help activate metabolic processes, improve tissue trophism, strengthen bones and muscles. Burdock also helps remove excess salt from the human body.

If the pain in arthrosis with the use of burdock begins to subside, then it is recommended to change the recipe. This will give you more strength to overcome osteoarthritis. To do this, the burdock is collected and washed, and then rotated through a meat grinder to make a liquid gruel.

It is laid on the surface of the diseased joint and wrapped with burdock leaves, and on it with a warm cloth until the medicine is warmed by the warmth of the body. This recipe gives a greater restorative effect, so it is not only recommended for arthrosis, but also for gout and rheumatism.

Honey, propolis and aloe

From honey, propolis and aloe vera, you can prepare a unique ointment that surpasses many traditional remedies for arthrosis. It’s hard to set it up, but the preparation is well worth it. To prepare the ointment, it is necessary to choose natural ingredients, and it is better to do this with a real beekeeper. In the early stages, you need to prepare bee podmore - one tablespoon of this ingredient is ground in 100 ml of hot vegetable oil. After that, the product is placed in the refrigerator for fourteen days.

In the next stage, propolis is prepared. It is crushed and stirred with water, and after the liquid has settled, the residue is dried and poured with alcohol in the ratio of one tablespoon to 10 ml of the mixture. The mixture is poured into a dark glass container and stored for two weeks.

The third step is to prepare the aloe vera. Some thick leaves from below are cut and wrapped in paper. Aloe must be kept in the refrigerator for two weeks as well. After time passes, some of the leaves will turn black - they must be removed, and the green leaves crushed and squeezed from the juice.

Important!After two weeks, when the podmore, propolis and aloe are ready, the three components are mixed, and then more syrup is added to it. It is prepared as follows - two tablespoons of honey dissolved in a glass of water and one tablespoon of young pine and spruce (crushed sprouts) are added there. The mixture is boiled in a water bath until thickened.

When the mixture is ready, it is poured into the honey, podmore and aloe that have been prepared and mixed. In the end, you should get the ointment consistently, it is lubricated with damaged joints several times a day. Thanks to the action of this agent, cartilage tissue in the hip or knee joint is actively restored.

Another method

There are other medications for the treatment of arthrosis. This recipe is also widely used and helps in the treatment of this disease. To relieve pain in arthrosis, you need to mix 100 g of aloe juice, 200 g of honey and 300 g of vodka. The resulting mixture is injected for three days, it is recommended to place the container in a dark place. The resulting product is applied to aching joints at night until the compress lasts at least eight hours. The course of treatment with this drug is ten days. If there is a need to prolong treatment, then ten more procedures can be performed.

Effective remedies for joint pathology include mustard. There are also mustard powder recipes for arthrosis. In addition to mustard, the recipe includes honey and vegetable oil. All components are taken in equal amounts - two tablespoons, mixed and heated in a water bath. The mixture is placed on a clean cotton cloth, covered with mica and other thick, warm cloth over it. The resulting compress is applied to the damaged part of the joint for at least two hours.

Salt with honey has a good effect on the joints. This recipe is intended primarily for the treatment of gonarthrosis - arthrosis of the knee joint. To prepare the product, you need two tablespoons of regular table salt (not extra! ) Mixed with one tablespoon of sea salt. It is best to take the most common sea salt, without seasoning.

Put two to three tablespoons of honey into the salt and stir until the salt dissolves and dissolves with the honey. The resulting mixture is spread on a rag folded in several layers, covered with a top layer and applied to the joints. From above, the mass is wrapped with cellophane or a warm cloth - in this case, it is even recommended to leave the product overnight so that the compress works as quickly as possible. It is best to use this medicine during the winter.

You can treat the metatarsal joints of the feet with burdock and turpentine. Turpentine must be distributed in a thin layer on the surface of the sheet, not to be applied too much, after which the sheet is rubbed on the metatarsus, fixed with adhesive and left until overnight. Propolis acts similarly in this place - it must be kneaded by hand so that it is consistently soft and distributed over the metatarsal joints, fixing it overnight with a cellulose film.

Shoulder-scapular periarthrosis is treated with perennial daisies. You can use fresh and dried grass. The product must be watered with boiling water and distributed on a gauze bandage, which is then rubbed on the joints affected by arthrosis. From above, the sore joints with compresses are covered with a thick cloth or fur scarf. This compress is best done at night.

Internal funds

It is possible to treat the shoulders, knees and other joints not only externally, but also with internal preparations. You need to prepare the product for internal use exclusively by prescription, paying attention to the recommended rates. In this case, treatment will give results. At the same time, you can not miss the drugs recommended by doctors - many folk remedies for internal therapy are successfully combined with chondroprotectors and other drugs.

Bay leaves

A well -known remedy for many people - a decoction of bay leaves will help overcome this disease. Bay leaves are unique in terms of arthrosis therapy.

decoction of bay leaves for arthrosis

As a result of this action on damaged joints, metabolic processes are improved, and access of nutrients to cartilage tissue is improved. Treats bay leaf arthrosis perfectly on the elbow and knee joints.

Decoction of bay leaves is prepared as follows. Ten grams of dried laurel is poured into a glass of water that has been heated and boiled over a fire. Once the water boils, need to trace 5 minutes and boil bay leaves over low heat.

After that, the product is pressed under cover for another five hours. The resulting liquid is drunk in the same dose (several sips) during the day. The next morning, new medicine is being prepared. You need to take bay broth for three days, after which it is recommended to rest every week and continue treatment.

Decoction of bay leaves is not a completely safe medicine. It is forbidden to take pregnant women and lactating mothers, as well as patients suffering from gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. You should also take into account that bay leaves are a strong allergen - you should not use the broth on patients with a tendency to allergic reactions.


Gelatin is an indispensable component for arthrosis. With its help, you can not only get rid of symptoms, but also cure defects in cartilage tissue, because gelatin contains nutrients needed to restore damaged cartilage structure.

Gelatin increases the elasticity of cartilage, helps strengthen the articular elements. Since gelatin contains collagen in its composition, it helps ensure tissue strength. To do this, you can drink the agar inside, diluting one tablespoon of the product in a glass of warm water.

Also, doctors recommend using gelatin to prepare a variety of dishes. Patients with arthrosis can eat jelly meat, jelly jelly - gelatin is also added here. Among the sweet dishes, marmalade, jellies, jellies are useful. Usually, agar does not cause health problems, but agar is not recommended for patients with increased blood clotting to prevent the appearance of blood clots.

Important!You should not eat gelatin for those who suffer from urolithiasis, have calculi in the kidneys or bladder, or have disorders of water -salt metabolism.

Another method

The massage belongs to the ancient medicine used in the treatment of arthrosis. Means with the series have excellent metabolic action, and also relieve soft tissue inflammation that often accompanies arthrosis. To prepare the product, it is necessary to insist two tablespoons of the series for twenty minutes. Three such injections need to be made a day - they drink it fresh as soon as it’s a little cold. Take the medicine for a month.

In parallel with this infusion, it is recommended to bathe in sequence. A strong solution is prepared, one liter per ten liters of water. Due to the fact that the rope ingredient contains unique substances that promote the activation of blood circulation and tannins. It is good to use it in case of inflammation, if the disease accompanies arthritis, and also to treat coxarthrosis or arthrosis of the jaw.

Among the herbal preparations, multi -component medicines based on chamomile, immortelle and St. John’s wort. John's wort is effective. Motherwort yarrow and corn silk are also added. All components must be mixed and chopped. One tablespoon of the product is poured with a glass of boiling water, after which it is pressed under cover for two hours. It is recommended to take the drug in half a glass thirty minutes before meals three times a day. The course of treatment is at least six weeks.

birch leaves for the treatment of arthrosis

To treat gonarthrosis, you need to take violet tricolor leaves, nettle and birch leaves in equal amounts. All components are mixed and poured into an enamel container one tablespoon of the product. It is poured with a glass of boiling water and heated in a water bath for fifteen minutes. You need to drink half a glass twice a day. If there is no effect, the agent multiplies.

Will help overcome arthrosis of the wrist joints and garlic. This is a well -known folk remedy for many ailments. It will also help overcome arthrosis. This drug can not only strengthen the immune system, but will also help activate the metabolism. In addition, thanks to garlic, it is possible to saturate the joints with important compounds such as sulfur and selenium.

The remedy is prepared as follows - a few cloves of crushed garlic, ground into gruel. Then the garlic is mixed with flaxseed or corn oil, and twelve parts of oil must be taken for one part of garlic. You can not replace the oil with other ingredients - this is a source of omega -3 acids, which are involved in the repair of cartilage tissue. This medicine is taken 5-10 minutes before breakfast. The course of therapy is at least two months. After that, a ten -day break is required and treatment is repeated.


To find out which medication is better, you can read reviews of patients who have used alternative treatments.

  • First comment, male, 42 years old: "I was recently diagnosed with grade 2 DOA on the shoulder joint. The pain was hell attack, but my wife was preparing medicine from honey, podmore and aloe vera. This ointment really saved me fromthe development of arthrosis and pain relief. "
  • The second comment, a woman, 67 years old: "I was diagnosed with symptoms of coxarthrosis, but, fortunately, in the early stages. I used a bath with a rope and drank it inside. While I was observed, no deterioration, I intensified treatment with chondroprotectors, I did exercisestherapy. "
  • Third opinion, male, 70 years: "Arthrosis of the hands has long developed - I am a mechanic by profession, apparently, work has affected. Traditional medicine helps me a little, but I do compresses with burdock and turpentine on a regular basis - it relieves pain and inflammation. "

Home treatment for arthrosis is a good method of helping yourself and reinforcing the formal therapy prescribed by your doctor. If treated with the most effective folk remedies, then arthrosis can be defeated.