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  • Causes of joint pain, possible symptoms of the disease, diagnosis and methods of its treatment.
    16 March 2022
  • Injections for pain in the back and lower back are widely used. Various medications can relieve pain.
    14 January 2022
  • Is there a neck pain? The cause of neck pain, depends on its location. Diagnosis and treatment of neck pain using physiotherapy, recording, manual therapy, acupuncture, therapeutic massage and kinesotherapy.
    11 December 2021
  • Backache. The reasons. Risk factors. Diagnostic Symptoms. Treatment.
    22 November 2020
  • Causes of relapse. Clinical picture. First aid for relapse. Treatment of osteochondrosis at the exacerbation stage. Therapy is not medicine. How to Forget Joint Pain and Osteochondrosis?
    26 August 2020