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  • Training for osteochondrosis is one of the most effective methods of treating the disease. The exercises described in the article are best combined with massage, swimming.
    17 March 2022
  • Why dizziness occurs with cervical osteochondrosis: the main causes. Symptoms and syndromes of pathological conditions, methods of treatment.
    9 September 2021
  • Arthrosis of the hip joint is a degenerative disease of the cartilage of the hip joint. Consider the classification, causes of development, symptoms, depending on the stage of the disease. Diagnostics, treatment and prevention of hip arthrosis.
    12 June 2021
  • Causes, symptoms of primary and secondary arthrosis of the knee joint. Methods for the treatment of gonarthrosis: drugs and folk remedies, physiotherapy, exercise therapy and gymnastics, diet, surgery. Prognosis and possible complications, preventive measures.
    5 December 2020